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- New Zealand - Our new Life -

Already 5776 Days, 23 Hours, and 10 Minutes since departure.


+++ News here: News +++

Christian is very busy right now working on his thesis. Thats why I took over writing on our Website. Here you can find all Information about our new "project".

Some of you already know, that we're planning to leave Germany again and go to NZ. We are not quite sure about how long we will stay, everything from a three-months stay to "never coming back" is possible. We are facing a lot of work and our to-do-list is very long. We thought some people might be interested in the progress and where we loose our nerves....

To make it more interesting for our audience, we will upload here and there some pictures. To save memory we reduced file size to 1024x768. If you're interested in pictures with higher resolution and quality, write an: eMail.

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